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If you are a group or a chain, national or international, Ctoutvert can help you in various areas with your marketing: we offer you all the necessary tools for your marketing, your references and we guide you step by step in gaining guests.

Our portals are linked to Secureholiday and to the availability. They are created in platform mode to pool developments and offer the latest marketing innovations!

All our know-how is incorporated into a portal that answers de demand of availability and prices in order to fill up your members’ campsite!

Our booking platforms are developed in such a way that they integrate easily and that they can be built into your own website with an API. Searches can be done on multiple destinations, on a particular establishment, with the search criteria that we define together. Our platforms include a presentation of the establishment and the accommodations, consumer reviews, the reservation tunnel …

The new version of our centres, VI, will be launched for the 2021 season. Something new that integrates easily and has a good UX: the visitor will no longer leave your website!

You are pursuing 3 main challenges: work on your brand image, customer loyalty and improve the occupancy rate of the campsites according to the type of establishment and the different times of the year. Our CRM-tool is linked to Secureholiday and this allows us to work these 3 axes through highly targeted communications, according to your client’s preferences and their history. The newsletters include stay proposals tailored to each target.

As a group, you also have to work on your online image and make sure that you are visible on the portals that attract the most national and international guests. Your marketing investments on the portals of our network will improve the occupancy rate of the different campsites based on what availabilities they have left and on the different periods of the season.

A managed budget at a cost per click, transparency on the clicks charged, variation in the cost per click depending on the type of search, double clicks in the first 7 minutes are not calculated and no commission on the bookings.

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An individual campsite is never “alone” with us: he is assisted by our teams and provided with all the necessary tools.

On the one hand, you can connect your PMS with our different tools, but you can make a connection to different booking platforms and tour operators as well. We can also set up specific connections to other operators for specific feedback.

Due to the direct connection with your PMS there is an automatic management of the availabilities as well as an automatic integration of the bookings.